Remember With Us

Remembering a loved one or setting up a legacy isn’t something that people like to talk about. But we feel it is important and thank you for remembering your loved one in this way.

Remember with us

For Lady McAdden, every donation or gift made in memory of a special individual is an honour and we thank you for that privilege.

The last year has been extremely difficult and the impacts of the pandemic have affected so many people and families in many different ways. If you would like to support someone special and celebrate their life, there are many ways you can do this in their name.


There are several ways to donate or gift in memory of an individual

Organise a funeral collection

Speak to your Funeral Director, they are usually extremely helpful with this and will guide you in the best way to approach those who would wish to support with a gift in memory of your loved one.

They often have access to online platforms that mean people can remember and donate online and will take both plate and cheque donations. They can also usually provide gift aid envelopes, which means that Lady McAdden can claim an extra 25p on every £1 donated, at no extra cost to the donator.

If you would like our Pink collection pots, then we can arrange for these to be available in advance.  See details about sending us a cheque at the bottom of this text.

Set up a Remembrance Fund

We recommend that you discuss this with the funeral director that has organised the funeral as they often have access to platforms that can do this for you, alternatively there are online providers like collection pot that can provide this service for free.

Donate in memory of the loved on

You can do this online using our donation button, over the phone (card), by bank transfer or by cheque (see details at bottom of this page).

Fundraising in memory

You are amazing! If you visit our other fundraising pages you will see that there are many different ways that you can get involved with Lady McAdden and whatever you do it will be helping with the Early Detection of Breast Cancer!

You can make sure that every donation, gift or time that you give us, remembers the special person you nominate.

Remembering in your will

Leaving a gift in your will can help Lady McAdden provide the Early Detection of Breast Cancer for future generations. This is a special way of dedicating a gift to that special person and keeping their memory alive. If it is something you would like to do, we would love to hear from you and about who the person is that your legacy gift is in memory of and why you have chosen to support Lady McAdden in their memory.

Setting up a gift in a will can be simple, but we recommend that you use a solicitor, as they can help you make sure it is worded correctly and that you leave what you intended as there are differences in pecuniary gifts, residuary gifts and specific gifts! And, you don’t have to leave money it can be items and property too.

Sending us your Funds

All cheques will need to be made payable to Lady McAdden Breast Cancer Trust and sent, with a short covering letter to Lady McAdden Remembering, The Lady McAdden Centre, 203 Elmsleigh Drive, Leigh on Sea, Essex SS9 4JH.

Payment by other methods are available, please go to our donation page for more information.

If any donations are eligible for gift aid, please make sure this information is clearly written on the donation.

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