As we’ve shared throughout the month already, stress plays a part in not only mental health but physical health too.  

Over on our socials we dispelled the myth that stress directly causes breast cancer, but some coping behaviours, such as increased alcohol consumption, smoking, eating high fat, high sugar and/processed foods, can be linked to an increased risk of breast cancer. 

Finding an approach that support your health while you ride the waves of stress are essential. 

Below are some ways that have been proven to not only reduce stress levels but also help reduce risks of breast cancer. 


Choosing something that you enjoy is key! A brisk walk, jog/run, dancing, yoga, pilates, gym work, swimming. The list is endless, it’s just about trying out what feels good for you. When you do this regularly, exercise helps you build resilience, process stress and emotions, strengthens your immune system and improves your overall energy and approach to life. 

Choosing nourishing foods

Fuelling your body with nourishing, fresh foods over high sugar and unhealthy fat filled choices helps your mind and body maintain a balanced level of energy and boosts your immune system. Just as with exercise, find out what you like as enjoying your dish will help you absorb more nutrients and will reduce the stress levels even more. 

Low alcohol consumption

It can be easy to reach for the wine to numb the stress however, there is a link between drinking alcohol and an increased risk of breast cancer as well as increasing feelings of anxiety. Keeping alcohol consumption low will help your body maintain a healthy balance and in the long run, reduces stress levels.  

Talking to someone

Sharing your worries and concerns with others is a proven way to help lighten the load of stress. As well as being a space where you can express your feelings, through talking, experiences and conversations can be shared helping you feel that you are not alone.  

You might benefit from talking to a friend or family member, or if you prefer someone impartial speaking to your GP or a qualified therpist could be a good idea. 

Sleep Hygiene

Creating a routine to help you prepare for sleep can be beneficial in improving overall sleep quality. When we sleep, our body is busy processing the day and repairing itself. When this has happened, it has a positive effect on energy levels, stronger immune defences, mental brightness and giving us more chance of making healthier choices.  

Making a change to your lifestyle can feel stressful and brings up emotions, however, if you can start with just one thing from the suggestions above and build it into your life over time eventually it will become a habit and you’ll really feel the benefits. 

Our specialist nurses are trained to help with all aspects of breast awareness and breast cancer, as well as being someone to talk to. 

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