These past few months have certainly made training more difficult but I have been plodding away with my race plan and training.

10 days ago, I managed the fastest 5k I’ve done in about a year.

I took up swimming in the sea in September, so I’ve been doing quite a lot of cold-water swims which I think help with the recovery of muscles and are excellent for clearing your mind. You might have seen the group I swim with, The Bluetits, as we made national and even international news a few weeks back.
I’ve also been doing a reasonable amount of cycling on a static bike in the lounge when I couldn’t get out.

In normal years, I would have already organised lots of fund-raising events and I would have a clear plan, but this has been far from a normal year.
My plans for fundraising were to do a tea/coffee and cake morning and obviously this can’t go ahead. I was also planning on organising a virtual race for kids to raise money.

In previous years I’ve ran auctions, done fundraising activities in my workplace, organised and ran a virtual race for kids, sold things at craft fairs and promoted Lady McAdden on my Facebook page.
In previous years I’ve also tried to up the achievement somewhat as when I ran my first 10k , half marathon and marathon, people were more likely to sponsor you as you were doing something new and challenging.

Last year, most of the events I was taking part in were cancelled, but I did get to take part in a few as they switched to virtual events.

I love the Royal Parks Half Marathon, it’s my favorite all time race and I’m pleased to be taking part again this year. What makes it so spectacular is the sheer amount of people who come out to support it and the amazing scenery.

My family always come and support me.

I have entered the ballot for a place in this year’s London Marathon, places are announced in February.
I had volunteered and been accepted to marshal at last year’s London Marathon as I wanted to give something back after running big races for 5 years, so I am waiting to hear if I get a place to run it, and if not, if I am still needed to volunteer.

I have attached my link to my fundraising page HERE