Breast Awareness

Breast awareness is an essential and valuable part of breast screening, so make your appointment today;


Why have a Breast Awareness appointment?

knowing how to self check for breast cancer is important
Lady McAdden offers breast awareness appointments in accordance with the NHS Breast Screening 5 Point Plan:

Know what’s normal for you


Look at your breasts and feel them


Know what changes to look for


Report any changes without delay


Attend routine screening if you’re 50 or over

What you need to know about your appointment

Your appointment will be booked and confirmed by email (if you have one).

If you are attending a remote (online) appointment you will also receive an email from us with your link to join your session. We suggest that you click to attend about 2 minutes earlier than your appointment so that you can get set up and ready. If you cannot connect we will call you automatically 5 minutes after your appointment has started on the number you have provided.

If our Lady McAdden nurse is concerned about anything you discuss or find during the appointment, she will ask you to contact your GP (which is the current referral process for further investigation). If you would like to know the best way to approach this, please have a look at our referral process page.

If you have a new lump or concern, please contact your GP immediately. If you would like to discuss this concern as you are worried about contacting your GP (which you should not be, but we do understand you might be) then please telephone 01702 343288 so that one of the team can guide you.


Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to attend a session but am concerned that I don’t want to undress?

You will not have to undress; the Nurse will work with you to work out what is normal for you and discuss any concerns.

Can someone else attend the appointment with me?
Yes, but remember the appointment is about you and what is normal for you, so the Nurse will focus on your needs.
I have a remote appointment booked but can’t get it to work
Don’t worry our Nurses will automatically call you on the number you provided, 5 minutes after your appointment was due to start, to resolve your problem. If the problem continues the appointment can be continued over the telephone.
I have recently had a baby; Can I make an appointment?

Many women experience breast changes during pregnancy.

We would not be able to offer you an appointment until you have had 3 periods since giving birth. This will give your body a chance to recover and your breasts to return to similar to preconception size.

I am breast feeding; Can I make an appointment?

As with the previous question, your breasts go through a huge change during pregnancy and feeding.

When you have finished breast feeding and have had 3 periods we would be able to offer you an appointment.

Will the nurse touch me?

Yes, the Nurse may touch you in face-to-face appointments, but only with your consent. She may, to help you understand how to check or if you have something that you think is abnormal, touch to understand what you feel.

Is this the same as you used to offer?

No, we are now focused on finding what is normal for you and ensuring that you know how to check yourself. A Nurse will not check you, only guide you in how to check yourself. She may still touch you to understand what you are trying to explain.

We do not provide Breast Checks. The Nurse will not know what is normal for you and what if anything has changed, to cause a concern. Breast Awareness will be covered and a step by step guide given how to check yourself and what to be looking out for.

Why have you changed this service?

A Nurse cannot in one session define what is normal and what has changed specifically for you. During the Pandemic, we recognised that most women lack confidence in checking themselves and how to check themself.

To enable them to find something, they need to understand their own normal and not wait for someone else to check them.

I have one breast larger than the other?
This can be normal, but we recommend you discuss this with the Nurse in your appointment.
I don’t have a computer

If you have a device like a tablet or phone that has a browser, you can still attend an online appointment. However, if you prefer, we can offer a telephone consultation or face to face appointment.

I am disabled, can I access your premises?
Yes definitely, we have easy access to the premises we use. However, it helps us if you can tell us how you might need assistance in advance.

How to book

To check availability and book an appointment please click HERE or telephone 01702 343288 (option 1) Please note we do not charge for appointments but as an independent charity we do ask for a donation where possible

Lady McAdden offers appointments via:


Our Secure Remote (online) system (like Zoom, but no need to register), is called Cliniko – you can access using a smart phone, tablet, laptop or PC


Telephone (Although our Nurses prefer to see you if possible, in the event you cannot attend a remote or physical appointment, they are happy to discuss with you via a scheduled call)


Face to Face (at our Centre in Elmsleigh Drive, Leigh on Sea or at selected venues in the community).

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