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Our mission is to support the early detection of breast cancer through education, advice and awareness.


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Since 1974

Lady McAdden is proud to be the only Breast Cancer Charity in the UK to currently offer one to one support with a nurse for Breast Awareness appointments, both remotely and face to face.

Finding any abnormalities early on will help you to take the next steps.  Early detection is key and the earlier the condition is found, the better the chances are of surviving it. You are also less likely to need a mastectomy (breast removal) or chemotherapy if breast cancer is detected at an early stage.

As an independent charity, we rely on donations, fundraising and specific grant funding when available. We are not connected to the NHS although we work closely with them and our Breast Awareness and Screening programme follows the NHS 5 point plan for Breast Screening.

With the risk of 1 in 7 of a woman developing Breast Cancer in their lifetime and being the most common form of women’s cancer in the UK, over 55000 women (and 380 men) are diagnosed each year in the UK. With almost half of those diagnosed with Breast Cancer finding the changes themselves, there has never been a more important time to be Breast Aware, although we also know that many women do not check their breasts because they – lack confidence, don’t know how, are scared of finding something or generally don’t think about it.

Our Mission

Lady McAdden outside the Breast Support unit

Our mission is to support the early detection of Breast Cancer through education, advice and awareness.


Breast cancer education


Breast cancer advice


Breast cancer awareness

Our History

Lady McAdden has a very long history that starts with the Townswomen of Southend finding a purse with a significant amount of money in it. That lucky find was never claimed and so it was decided to do something worthwhile with it. On 4 April 1974 the Lady McAdden Appeal was set up, named in honour of Lady McAdden, the wife of the late Sir Stephen McAdden MP.  Our doors opened for the UK’s first Breast Screening Unit on 22 May 1976, which was formally opened by HRH Princess Margaret on 27 June 1977.

The NHS started their own screening programme in 1988 and Lady McAdden has continued to offer independent screening to a wider age group (starting at age 40) and has proactively encouraged the over 71’s to attend, where this is by request only with the NHS

The charity has grown significantly since then along with the technology available.  However, the principle behind breast awareness and our mission remains the same: the early detection of breast cancer.

What we do

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We raise the awareness of the early detection of breast cancer through education and advice. We do this by providing practical advice on how to be breast aware, support and advice, combined with educational information.

We base our information on the latest scientific research and developments and work closely with the NHS to ensure that we compliment the 5-point plan of Breast Screening.


1. What is normal for each woman – do you have any concerns or recent changes?


2. How to look at your breasts and feel them


3. What changes to look for


4. What to do if you find any changes


5. Have a mammogram if able to do so (NHS screening starts at 50 unless in a trial area)

You don’t need a referral from a specialist or your GP, you can book an appointment with one of our nurses direct either online or by giving us a call.

Our Breast Awareness sessions enable a Lady McAdden Nurse to help you become #breastaware.  You will learn what is normal for you, how to check yourself and what to look out for.  Most importantly you will learn what to do if you find something and the importance of contacting your GP for further investigation.

Most recently, as a response to the coronavirus pandemic, we have successfully taken our Breast Awareness appointments online to offer remote appointments, meaning we have an ability to reach further and include those who cannot travel to us. This has been funded by the National Lottery.

For more information about our professional and approachable nurses please click here

In order to offer our services, we raise charitable funds in accordance with the Charity Commission guidelines.

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